Home Game Change Procedures


The preliminary RDYSL game schedule is now posted on the web, and is available here: https://www.rdysl.com/season-current.htm

Here is some important info about SSC home game times & home game changes. Please read carefully and email Matthew Barczys if you have questions.
Monday March 8 - the (no-fine) game change period begins. Game date/time changes made after the RDYSL no-fine period outlined below can cost your team up to $75, if the change is not due to a weather or field condition issue.
The basic home game change process is the same as in recent years, but there is one key change for this year (home game times), which is highlighted below.
  • Home game times (Change for 2021)
    • Home games will be played as double headers as much as possible this summer. (Four different teams, you are not allowed to play 2 RDYSL games in one day). 
      • This is to accommodate limited field availability during some parts of the season, to be prepared in case of COVID curve balls, and to be cost-effective with TSE fields.
    • Therefore, there are standardized start times for games both on weeknights and weekends, by age group: (also found by clicking here)
      • U08-U10:
        • Weeknight: 5:30pm and 7:00pm
        • ​​Weekends: 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:00pm
      • U11-U12:
        • Weeknight: 5:20pm and 7:00pm
        • Weekends: 9:00am, 10:40am, 12:20pm, 2:00pm, 3:40pm, 5:20pm, 7:00pm
      • U13-U19:
        • Weeknight
          • U13-U14: 5:10pm and 7:00pm
          • U15-U16: 5:00pm and 7:00pm
          • U17-U19: 4:50pm and 7:00pm
        • Weekend U13-U19: 9:00am, 11:10am, 1:20pm, 3:30pm, 5:40pm
    • However, RDYSL has not scheduled any double headers on the preliminary schedule, so the start time for many home games will need to change.
      • For home games that you change the date, you will select a new time from the list above.
      • For home games that don’t need a date change, you will receive time change requests from me, midway through the game change period.
Here's the rest of the "normal" game change info:
  • Home game changes
    • All home game changes must be approved by me (Field Coordinator) to ensure field availability, before the change is submitted to RDYSL.
    • Email the request to me ( ) with “Game Change Request - Game #####” in the subject.
      • No verbal or text message requests to me for game changes
      • Inside the email, include the Game # (again), original date/time and proposed new date/time
        • Select an appropriate start time from the above list
        • Please let me know if more than one start time will work
    • Wait for approval from me before finalizing the change with the visiting team or submitting the RDYSL Game Change form on the web.
    • You must submit the RDYSL Game Change form after getting approval from me (I cannot submit the RDYSL form for you.)
    • Dates to avoid for home games:
      • May 31 - Memorial Day, no RDYSL games allowed
      • July 4 - Independence Day, no RDYSL games allowed
      • July 26-29 - SSC Tryouts
        • Girls on Mon & Wed, Boys on Tues & Thurs
        • Rain dates: July 30-31
    • The deadline for emailing me home game change requests is Thurs Apr 1,
      • This is about one week prior to the official RDYSL game change deadline.
    • I will likely not be able to approve home game change requests until about Mon Mar 15, after an initial home field schedule has been created.
      • After Mar 15, I should be able to approve home game change requests within a day or two.
  • Away game changes
    • Feel free to change away games as your team’s schedule dictates, I do not need to be involved in approving the change.
    • But do avoid the SSC tryout dates for away games.
    • If your team makes changes to away games AFTER Apr 7, please let me know so that I can update your team’s schedule on the website.
      • I will automatically get info about all away game changes made before April 7.
      • But after April 7, the only way I know about away game changes is if you notify me.
  • SSC Tryouts
    • Again, reschedule all games (including away games) during the week of Mon July 26 through Sat Jul 31, since this will be the week of SSC Tryouts.
  • Opening of outdoor fields
    • DO NOT use any outdoor fields until (at least) these dates:
      • TSE outdoor fields: Mon May 3
      • School fields: Mon May 17
      • Pineway Ponds fields: mid-June
    • Even after these dates, field opening will depend on weather and field conditions.
    • You must be scheduled on any outdoor field to use it for a practice.
  • Outdoor practice plans
    • As was done for the past few years, I will be scheduling your practices to a particular date, time and field.
      • Practices must be scheduled as required by our agreements with the school, TSE, and Ogden.
      • There are no “open” fields for practice.
    • So, as you are planning your team’s game schedule for May, June, and July, please also think about the practice schedule for your team.
    • Send me a list of your requested dates and times for practices by Fri Apr 16 (sooner is OK, too)
      • I will email an Excel file or Google form that you should use to make the list of requested practice dates & times in the next week.

Summary of dates:

  • Sun Mar 7 (today) - RDYSL coaches meeting
  • Mon Mar 8 - RDYSL game change period begins
  • Thurs Apr 1 - all home game change requests due to me via email
  • Wed Apr 7, 11:00pm - game change forms due on RDYSL website
  • Fri Apr 16 - practice date/time requests due to me (use Excel file or Google form to be provided separately)
  • Mon May 3 - first possible date for outdoor practices (pending weather and field conditions)
  • Sun May 16 - first allowed date for RDYSL games
  • Mon May 31 - Memorial Day, no RDYSL games allowed
  • Sun July 4 - Independence Day, no RDYSL games allowed
  • July 26-31 - no home games due to SSC tryouts (Girls on Mon & Wed, Boys on Tues & Thurs, Rain dates Fri & Sat)
  • Sat Aug 7 - last allowed date for any RDYSL games (games discouraged after tryouts, though)


Please let me know if you have questions, especially if this your first year as a coach/manager in the club.

Matthew Barczys

VP Logistics/Field Coordinator
Spencerport Soccer Club