Thank you for showing interest in our programs! 

Below are general guidelines for registration.


In order to register for a program, a parent account needs to first be created. When doing this, please add your date of birth when asked. You can add both guardian and children to your account at that point. To do this, press "my account" at the top of the page.  Please include email addresses for both parent and child accounts. If you don't put an email under your child's account, you will not receive the proper information. 


If you have trouble remembering your password or with your member account in general, please do not create a second (or third) member account. Reset your password or email Jenny Marciano (jamarciano6@yahoo.com) for assistance. 


When accounts have been created, login, and select the program you'd like to register for. Select the appropriate person and complete the registration in full, including payment. 


If you're a parent trying to register as a volunteer (coach or otherwise) and you are getting a message of "ineligible" this is due to your date of birth not being added to your account. Please email your DOB to Jenny Marciano (jamarciano6@yahoo.com). 


2022 Travel Team Volunteer Application

Volunteers for Travel Program. Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager

Opened: 05/29/2021
Closes: 12/31/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls
born on or before: 12/31/2005