2013 Travel Program Registration & Payment Info

Dear Parents and Athletes,  
When players were registered via our online service back in July, at that time they were signing up for tryouts only.
Teams have now been formed and players selected for a team need to complete the registration process and make their payment.
If your athlete has been selected to an SCC Travel team, please click here to complete their registration and payment.

Note the deadline is Nov 10th.

The preferred method of payment is online via credit card, but the online registration will also allow you to mail in your payment if you prefer. Your payment choice can be made at the end of the online registration process.
Credit card payment is quick, convenient, easy and painless thru our online secure service.

If you prefer to mail a check, make the $375 check payable to Spencerport Soccer Club, please include a note on the check indicating the player name and mail to:

Spencerport Soccer Club
Travel Program
PO Box 210
Spencerport, NY 14559

*First child is $375; additional children are discounted at $350.

Registration fee reductions are provided for major injuries based on the following criteria:
  • Minimum 3 months out of action due to a major injury (ACL, MCL, etc) to receive a reduced fee.
  • Anything less than 3 months is not pro-rated.
  • With a doctors note stating time out of action and return date, we will offer a discount of $20 for each month a player is out.
  • Our indoor program runs for 6 months, from November to April, so the maximum discount would be $120, and the minimum amount would be $60.
The remaining pro-rated fee is a fixed cost which covers uniforms, ref fees, insurance, misc expenses such as field lining, etc.
** There are no registration fee discounts for missing indoor practice time. **
The Club is limited to specific availability at the indoor facilities that are beyond our control.
Any questions please contact:

Lorenzo Rotoli Travel Treasurer  
Joe Sharn Travel Registrar 230-0825
Dave Iacchetta Boys VP 727-4946
Katie Schlierf Girls VP 576-8516