NYSWYSA Recreational Soccer Coaches Corner

Online Course for Coaches

The NSCAA and the National Federation of High School Associations have teamed up to create an online course entitled, "Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer." This introductory course is perfect for high school and youth coaches who want to establish a solid foundation for their coaching knowledge. The interactive course features an engaging interface that incorporates audio, video and text to teach essential soccer coaching techniques and methods. 

To learn more or to enroll in the course, go to NFHSlearn.com.


Tactical Soccer Situations Test

In the spring of 1988, German coach T.K. Trapp administered a 30-question quiz that he had designed to a group of U.S. National Staff coaches. The objective of the test was to examine and make the correct tactical decisions in each of the diagrammed situations.  

The NSCAA is now pleased to offer a portion of these "Quizzies" as an online resource for coaches and players to help develop their situational awareness and decision-making skills.  
Click here to access the quizzies.