This page is provided to help you navigate around our website by providing answers to some frequently asked questions.
Q: What is your mailing address?
A: PO Box 210, Spencerport 14559

Q: Where do I find House program information?
A: You're in the right place.  You can go here for basic information on our programs, days and dates.

Q: Can I register and pay online?
A: Absoultely, click here to begin the process.

Q: I've registered my child for more than 1 Tykes program by mistake. Now what do I do?
A: Contact the registrar and let us know which application is in error so we can intervene.

Q: The online system doesn't allow me to register my child out of division. Why is that?
A: That is by design, as we need to keep track of those of our players who are playing out of division. There is a process in place, which begins with registering the player in the appropriate division according to date of birth. Once completed, there is an "Out of Division Request" form that must be filled out, outlining the nature of the request to play out of divivion, and submitted to the Registrar for processing. Note that players are only elegible to play up if they are at the top of their current age bracket.

Q: We'd like to challenge our daughter and have her play on a boys team. Is that possible?
A: The only Co-Ed programs we offer are our Tykes Academy and our Tykes U4 outdoor program. 
The only way we would consider rostering a girl on a boys team is if there were no girls teams at all available for her to play on in division, or 1 division up. Such situations would be evaluated and approved by the Management on a case by case basis.

Q: What does MURSL mean?
A: MURSL is an acronym for the Monroe United Recreational Soccer League. This is the "inter-town" league for U10 - U19 House players. Website is www.mursl.org

Q: How do I contact a member of the staff?
A: On the menu is a "House Staff" link w/staff contact info.

Q: Are the schedules posted here somewhere?
A: Go to the Teams tab at the top of our home page. Choose a Team, starting with your division and then the team. On the team's page, click Schedule in the left hand menu.

Q: How do I find some of these fields you play on in the different towns that you play in?
A: Fields and directions for your team's games are available in your teams schedule (see question above).
Q: Where do I find information on coaching clinics?
A: There are different places on our site. On the front page, the events calendar is shown on the right side. We post all NYSW training opportunities that come to this area on the calendar, and they appear listed there. Also, on the House menu, under "Education: Coaches."

***Will be updated regularly***