This page is provided to help you navigate around our website by providing answers to some frequently asked questions.
Q: The website is somewhat confusing. What is the structure?
A: The front page of the website contains Club information, organized in an easy to use vertical menu.
Travel and House content is listed on separate dedicated pages, accessed from the horizontal menu underneath the banner.

Q: What is the difference between "Travel" and "House" soccer?
A: "Travel" refers to our competitive program - RDYSL. "House" refers to the recreational programs; Tykes & MURSL. The "Our Programs: At a Glance" button on the menu directly below the banner takes you to a page that explains all our programs.
Q: Can I register and pay online?
A: We are offering online registration and payment systems for Travel  and House. They are different systems for the time being, accessed from the program specific page menu.

Q: The House online registration system won't let me register my child out of division. Why is that?
A: That is by design, as we need to keep track of those of our players who are playing out of division. In that regard we have an established process that parents must follow in order to register their players for out of division play. The process begins by registering your child in the appropriate program based on date of birth. Once completed, an Out of Division Request form is filled out, outlining the nature of the request, and submitted to the Registrar for processing. Know that players are only allowed to play up if they are at the top of their age bracket. For example, a 14 yr old would not be allowed to play up into U19, but a 15 yr old would.

Q: We'd like to challenge our daughter and have her placed on a boys team. How do we go about this?
A: The only Co-Ed program we offer is at the U4 level in our Tykes program. The only way we would consider rostering a girl on a boys team is if there were no girls teams at all available for her to play on in division. Such situations would be evaluated and approved by the Management on a case by case basis.

Q: How do I contact a member of the staff?
A: Content is program specific, listed on the dedicated pages.

Q: Are the schedules posted here somewhere? I don't see a link.
A: Again, program specific content found on dedicated pages. These links will be invisible "off season."

Q: How do I find some of these fields you play on in the different towns that you play in?
A: A "Field Maps & Locations" link with a comprehensive list of all fields that have been used in the past for both programs can be found on the program specific pages. This link will include addresses and clickable map rosettes that will take you directly to a Yahoo! map. It is invisible "off season."
Q: Where do I find information on coaching clinics?
A: For now, on the front page, the events calendar is shown on the right side. We post all NYSW training opportunities that come to this area on the calendar, and they will appear listed there.

Q: How do I access my account (if I have a returning player) or create an account (if we're new to Spencerport Soccer)?
A: If you are already in our database, click on Edit My Account near the top of the left menu on our home page. Enter your email address and password to log in. If you've forgotten your password, leave that field blank and click Sign In, and the website will send your password via email. Once you've logged in, you can register your children, make payments, update your contact information and notification preferences.
    If you are already in our database but have changed your email address, contact our website administrator with your email change and we will make the change for you.
    If you are NEW to Spencerport soccer club and want to register your player, at the beginning of the registration process, enter your email only and click Sign In. A temporary password will be emailed to you. Once logged in you can change your password. When creating your account, create the Parent accounts first, and then your children.
    If you are NEW to Spencerport Soccer Club and just want to be added to our database to be notified of future registrations, contact our website administrator with your name and email address.

***Will be updated regularly***