High School Soccer/Lacrosse Stadium

No metal cleats are allowed on the artificial turf surface. Molded cleats, turf shoes or sneakers are permitted.
Spectators are not permitted on the turf or on the track during the game, standing or with lawnchairs setup to view the game. Seating is provided in the bleachers. 
No food, seeds of any kind, gum, or chewing tobacco is allowed on the turf.
No animals are allowed on the turf.
Users of the field are required to dispose of all trash after each event or practice.
Normal evening use ends at 9 p.m. Request to use the soccer/lacrosse stadium after 9 p.m. requires prior approval of the Superintendent of Schools or their designee.
The District may mandate that a District employee be present to monitor the Club's use of the stadium, and the Club would be responsible for all costs associated with this monitoring.
The District reserves the right to require security services for any event, and the Club would be responsible for the costs associated with these services as well.

Any violation of the above may result in the revocation of the Club's approval to use this facility.