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Player Foot Skills Challenge

The key to great soccer is in having the ability to maneuver the ball in tough pressure situations with confidence and intelligence.   Our goal is to make our players as comfortable with using these skills as they are in turning on the TV (Point being...they don't even think about it)  Our players need to focus and practice so that it is second nature and comfortable for them. 
If you stop and think about what makes a soccer game exciting and what differentiates players from one another  - it boils down to player intelligence and decision making and the execution of foot skills to compliment those decisions.  

Our Player Foot Skills Challenge is intended to aid our players personal skill development. We recommend players perform these skills 3x per week.  It's not meant to be extra work for our parents.  Good luck and have fun!

Download the Player Foot Skills Challenge forms here.


Recommended Foot Skills

Do you want to become a better soccer player?  Do you want to be able to make a real impact on the field?  We suggest you learn to master each of the foot skills below to take your game to the next level.   Practice these skills and show off for your friends, family and teammates.
Rivelino Lunge Scissors
Side Hop Matthews Fake Kick
Skip Hop Outside Inside Roll In Between
Toe Touch Back Outside Touches Inside Outside Roll
Toe Touch Forward Turn Away Pull Turn With Pull
Drag Scissors Drag Swerve Scotch Moves
Nutmeg Stop & Go Multi-scissors-stepovers
Double-Inside Cuts Cruyff & Shot Double-Scissors-Cruyff

Tactics & Combo Plays - Diagrams & Examples

We highly recommend you learn how to apply foot skills in a tactical game situation.  Below you will find a host of examples on ways to do so.  We will be actively working on incorporating these into your training.


 - compliments of strongsoccer.com


Wall Pass/Give & Go Diagram Example #1 [Wall pass on the corner of the box for a shot.]
Example #2 [An aggressive run with a wall pass for a cross.]

Example #3 [Back to back Give and Go's down the flank.]

Example #4 [An aggressive 1-2/pass in the box leads to another goal.]

Example #5 [Scissors feint leads to a midfield wall pass.]

Example #6 [Another slashing run to receive the wall pass.]

Example #7 [Moving up the field with a classic Give and Go combo.]

Double Pass/Up Back Thru Diagram Example #1 [Here is a long upfield Up - Back and Thru.]
    Example #2 [An aerial double pass leads into a takeover and overlap.]
    Example #3 [An Up-Back and aerial Thru pass for a shot.]
Cutback Pass Diagram Example #1 [Classic cutback cross after a charge to the goaline.]
    Example #2 [Aerial cutback for a layoff header and volley shot..... wow!]
    Example #3 [Another great aerial cutback cross with forceful finish.]
    Example #4 [A nutmeg cut leads to a classic cutback pass and shot.]
3rd Man Running Diagram Example #1 [Superb combo play complete with dummy step fake.]
    Example #2 [Same combination from a different angle.]
    Example #3 [Nice combination using the field "width".]
    Example #4 [Great string of combination plays for a shot.]
Thru Pass for Cross Diagram Example #1 [A nice run down the left wing to receive the penetrating pass.]
    Example #2 [The lead pass into space at the corner finds the penetrating runner.]
    Example #3 [Another nice lead pass to the wing for a cross.]
Thru Pass v. Flat Defense Diagram Example #1 [Lateral move to find the gap and then the pass.]
    Example #2 [Textbook lateral movement and a "screaming" penetrating run!]
    Example #3 [Notice the lateral move to the middle to find the gap for the pass.]
    Example #4 [A screaming run down the left wing leads to a PK.
Note the lateral movement by the passer, to find the "gap".
Thru Pass v. Staggered Defense Diagram Example #1 [Great run, accurate pass thru the poorly shaped defense.]
    Example #2 [Not the way to align the defense.]
    Example #3 [What is this defense thinking?]
Up Back & Shoot Diagram Example #1 [It is very tight in the box, so the layoff to T.H. does the job.]
Layoff Pass Diagram Example #1 [Throw in to shielded player for layoff pass.]
    Example #2 [A one touch layoff sets up an exciting overlap for a score.]
Take Over Diagram Example #1 [Wing takeover to find space for the cross.]
    Example #2 [Another classic takeover with an aggressive run towards the flag.]
    Example #3 [Clever use of the heelpass completes the takeover on the wing.]
    Example #4 [Takeover overlap for a shot, look for the decoy overlap to create space..]
Lateral Passing for Shot v Flat Back 4 Diagram Example #1 [Several short passes move the play laterally for the shot.]
    Example #2 [Quick movement laterally across the defense finds room for a shot.]
    Example #3 [A string of passes and dummies move the ball to the gap for a shot.]
Midfield Layoff Pass Diagram Example #1 [An "under the leg" touch springs the midfield overlap.]
Overlap Diagram Example #1 [Classic overlap outside and then back inside with a devastating thru pass.]
    Example #2 [Nice long open field overlap with set-up for a shot.]
    Example #3 [Heel pass thru to the overlapping player for a shot.]
    Example #4 [A long upfield overlap to an aggressive left wingback.]
    Example #5 [Text book overlap defeats the defense.]
    Example #6 [Multiple "decoy" overlaps provide space for the shot.]
Chip Pass v. Flat Defense Diagram Example #1 [Superb chip over the defense and a "layoff" header for shot.]
    Example #2 [Wall pass with "chip" return in full stride.]
    Example #3 [Trail pass for a "chip" over the wall to a 3rd man running.]
    Example #4 [Over & Back for a deadly "chip" over the back line.]
    Example #5 [Lateral passing sets up the chip.


Turning Fakes      
Pull Backs Shield Turns    
Inside/Outside Cuts Cruyff Turn    
Stepover 180 Half Garrincha    
Fakes to Beat
an Opponent
Lunges Scissors Matthews Scotch Moves
Double Lunges Double Scissors Fake Matthews Drag Swerve
Pullback "V" or Puskas Rivelino Reverse Matthews Fake Drag Swerve/Scissors
Pullback "L" & Simple "L" Half Preki Maradona/Garrincha Outside-Inside Swerve
Fake Kick-Push Outside Full Preki Stop and Go Inside-Inside Swerve
Warm-up Touches      
Inbetweens with 180 Side Hop Rolls Inside-Outside Roll  
Toe Touches Forward Outside Touches Skip Touches  
Toe Touches Backwards Outside-Inside Roll Half-Garrincha  
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