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SSC Virtual Academy
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City: Spencerport, NY Map

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  1. What do you need?
    • A small area where a screen can be viewed: roughly 4 ft x 4 ft
    • Device with internet connection: smart phone, iPad/tablet, laptop, TV
    • 4 items to use as cones (cones, water bottles, shirts, balls)
    • Appropriate shoes for the floor (if you are going without shoes, go barefoot!)
    • YOUR BALL!
  2. When you log into Zoom:
    • Use the link above, 10 minutes before the session starts – we will start on time
    • Join Audio - two options:
      • Using the CALL ME feature to have Zoom call your phone - this is very easy - type in your phone # and Zoom calls you!
      • Or join audio through the device you are using for the Zoom session - also easy
    • You will only be able to see and hear Coach Schneider
      • Your audio/video will be turned off to reduce background noise and distraction - you will not be able to unmute yourself
  3. HELP:
    • If you have issues while in the session - there is a CHAT feature you can use to reach Brian Magin during the session
    • If you have issues getting into the session - you can email for help as well: Brian Magin