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How is everyone doing?
by posted 03/21/2020

Hello families,

Do you remember our last indoor game???  What a fiasco that was - but at least we got to go out to lunch afterwards, right?  Feels like a lifetime ago doesn't it.  This stoppage comes at a difficult time because our girls trained tirelessly all winter long, we were just getting involved in our indoor league and we were looking ahead to the RDYSL season which seemed like it was right around the corner. 

So much has changed and that became even more evident as Kerri and I received cancellation/rescheduling emails for the two tournaments we had planned on participating in.  The Akron tournament is off and they are not planning on rescheduling.  The GUFC tournament has been rescheduled for July 24-26 [the weekend before tryouts].  We’ll need to know which families would be able to participate in this new date if we decide to move forward with the tournament [so please respond to this email based on this new date]. 

I wish I had more to share.  Shane, Kerri and I all miss the team, the giggles at practice and the interaction with all the girls that we’ve experienced for the past number of months.  We’ll be ready to go whenever we’re allowed to resume activities [I have bookmarked, brainstormed and scratched down so many drills/ideas for practice that I think I’m good all the way through next summer!] and we’ll be excited to hear what the girls have been up to! 

As far as any at home training goes, there are a number of sources that I would refer you to if you’re interested: Coach Schneider has been posting items [a challenge of the day] on the Spencerport Girls Soccer Twitter account and the Spencerport Soccer Club has been posting drills each week on Facebook and Twitter.  Bryan Coe sent out an email to familes this afternoon you can access [google link I believe].  You can even check out the Spencerport GLax twitter account to see Cat Wall running through a footwork drill focused on quickness and agility!  We’ve been so lucky to have her input at our indoor games so far!  Lastly, the following link is one I believe I've sent before - this creator has many other videos if you/your daughter want to take a deep dive into his channel [the YouTube rabbit hole you can down is endless]


Stay healthy – that’s the most important part, right?  We hope each of your families [immediate and extended] is healthy, now and in the months to come. 




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Akron + GUFC
by posted 01/18/2020

Tournaments have been decided: Akron and GUFC won out.  We have registered for these tournaments and we'll let you know when our registration has been officially accepted.  I've added dates to the calendar on the weekends of these tournaments as place holder events for now. 

Indoor League - first game is Saturday, Feb 1 at 9 am against GUFC.  This has also been added to the calendar.  Our league schedule should be posted after that first week.  Here is the link for the full schedule once it is posted [only week 1 is posted at this time].  Use the drop down menu to find our girls U12 schedule.


RDYSL application + divisions:  Kerri and I will be working on submitting our application to RDYSL before too long.  The next meeting for the SSC coaches is a week from tomorrow.  We will be applying for division 1 again.  We do this with the understanding that we finished in the bottom two of division 1 last season and while we're hopeful to play in division 1, there is the possibility that we'll be moved down to division two for the 2020 season. 

Lastly, I agreed to a schedule change a long time ago for Saturday, Feb 8th.  I agreed to move our practice to the 9-10:30 am slot at Glacier Ridge to help another coach with a scheduling conflict.  Now that we have the indoor league, I anticipate whatever indoor game we have will conflict with that 9-10:30 am slot.  But - just in case it doesn't, I wanted to make everyone aware of this change. 

Thanks to anyone who was able to make it out on Friday - it was great getting to connect for a little while and just cements the fact that we need to look into more team building events.  For the girls AND for the parents.  If you have any ideas/suggestions please let Kerri, Alissa or I know! 


Pat Dwyer


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