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Two things...
by posted 07/08/2020

Hello parents – there are two things in this email.  A medical/COVID-19 waiver for the GUFC tournament and tryout information. 

1 GUFC Tournament – I’ll have the sign off sheet for the medical waiver at practice on Thursday, 7/7 for parents to sign.  If your daughter isn’t at practice on Thursday, we can make other arrangements to get the form signed.  A link to the document can be found here:


2 SSC tryout registration is now open.  Travel tryouts have traditionally been the last week of July. 

Coaches have not received any guidelines yet [the next meeting is on 7/19] but I expect there will be several modifications due to Covid-19.  SSC has waived the tryout fee for this season but you still need to register for tryouts in order to be considered for a Spencerport Soccer Club travel team.

In preparation for tryouts I would like to know who plans on returning next season.  Knowing who is returning will help our staff know what our roster needs are ahead of tryouts.  Can you please let me know the following information:

  • Is your daughter planning to return next season?
  • Is your daughter planning to roster on a second team?  If yes then which team? 

My plan next season will be similar to what was planned for this season but hopefully another tournament or two.    

  • RDYSL Division 1
  • An indoor league
  • 3-4 tournaments.  One overnight away tournament and 2-3 local tournaments. 

If you would like any feedback about your daughter before tryouts or would like to talk about future plans, please let me know.  I’d be happy to sit down with you.     

Pat Dwyer







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first practice
by posted 07/07/2020

Good morning parents! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and are ready to get the girls out playing again.  We have a few reminders for this evening. 


First - the SSC Hold Harmless waiver is required before a player can practice.  Players without a signed waiver are not permitted to train or play.   I have printed 3 extras for tonight in case anyone forgets.  Also, please email/text me [if you haven’t already] about the travel outside of NY. 


Second – it is going to be a hot one this evening [and Thursday as well].  Please encourage your daughter to hydrate during the day. 

*Light weight and loose fitting clothes should be worn – if the girls would like to wear a tank top [instead of our gray practice shirt] that is probably a good idea.

*Girls will NOT need high soccer socks/shin guards this evening

*We will provide water breaks every 15 minutes.


Third - physical distancing – please read through these with your daughter – Thank you! 

a) Maintain physical distancing for coaches and players during arrival, warmup, resting, water breaks, team discussions, and departure.  Players will be assigned an off-field location where player will store bag, water, etc.

b) Maintain distancing for players throughout training except during specific training activities

c) Limit physical contact: no high-fives, fist-bumps, handshakes, etc.

d) Coaches will wear a mask if within 6 feet of a player

e) Only coaches will touch the cones

f) Do not arrive at the field more than 10 minutes early.  At the end of practice all players must depart the field within 10 minutes. 

g) SSC recommends not spectators at practice. 


Lastly – we have set up a scrimmage on the evening of Thursday, July 23rd with GUFC.  It will be an away scrimmage with the location TBD at this time [most likely Grace and Truth].  This date was already reserved on the calendar as it was one of our original practice days before the GUFC tournament that weekend. 


Thanks for your help with all of this!  Looking forward to a great night!


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by posted 07/04/2020

Happy 4th!  Please check your email for the return to play plan this week!  ~ Coach Dwyer

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Akron + GUFC
by posted 01/18/2020

Tournaments have been decided: Akron and GUFC won out.  We have registered for these tournaments and we'll let you know when our registration has been officially accepted.  I've added dates to the calendar on the weekends of these tournaments as place holder events for now. 

Indoor League - first game is Saturday, Feb 1 at 9 am against GUFC.  This has also been added to the calendar.  Our league schedule should be posted after that first week.  Here is the link for the full schedule once it is posted [only week 1 is posted at this time].  Use the drop down menu to find our girls U12 schedule.


RDYSL application + divisions:  Kerri and I will be working on submitting our application to RDYSL before too long.  The next meeting for the SSC coaches is a week from tomorrow.  We will be applying for division 1 again.  We do this with the understanding that we finished in the bottom two of division 1 last season and while we're hopeful to play in division 1, there is the possibility that we'll be moved down to division two for the 2020 season. 

Lastly, I agreed to a schedule change a long time ago for Saturday, Feb 8th.  I agreed to move our practice to the 9-10:30 am slot at Glacier Ridge to help another coach with a scheduling conflict.  Now that we have the indoor league, I anticipate whatever indoor game we have will conflict with that 9-10:30 am slot.  But - just in case it doesn't, I wanted to make everyone aware of this change. 

Thanks to anyone who was able to make it out on Friday - it was great getting to connect for a little while and just cements the fact that we need to look into more team building events.  For the girls AND for the parents.  If you have any ideas/suggestions please let Kerri, Alissa or I know! 


Pat Dwyer


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