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Akron + GUFC
by posted 01/18/2020

Tournaments have been decided: Akron and GUFC won out.  We have registered for these tournaments and we'll let you know when our registration has been officially accepted.  I've added dates to the calendar on the weekends of these tournaments as place holder events for now. 

Indoor League - first game is Saturday, Feb 1 at 9 am against GUFC.  This has also been added to the calendar.  Our league schedule should be posted after that first week.  Here is the link for the full schedule once it is posted [only week 1 is posted at this time].  Use the drop down menu to find our girls U12 schedule.


RDYSL application + divisions:  Kerri and I will be working on submitting our application to RDYSL before too long.  The next meeting for the SSC coaches is a week from tomorrow.  We will be applying for division 1 again.  We do this with the understanding that we finished in the bottom two of division 1 last season and while we're hopeful to play in division 1, there is the possibility that we'll be moved down to division two for the 2020 season. 

Lastly, I agreed to a schedule change a long time ago for Saturday, Feb 8th.  I agreed to move our practice to the 9-10:30 am slot at Glacier Ridge to help another coach with a scheduling conflict.  Now that we have the indoor league, I anticipate whatever indoor game we have will conflict with that 9-10:30 am slot.  But - just in case it doesn't, I wanted to make everyone aware of this change. 

Thanks to anyone who was able to make it out on Friday - it was great getting to connect for a little while and just cements the fact that we need to look into more team building events.  For the girls AND for the parents.  If you have any ideas/suggestions please let Kerri, Alissa or I know! 


Pat Dwyer


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Indoor League and Outdoor Tournaments
by posted 01/13/2020

Please check your email about a few outdoor tournament dates we're trying to finalize.  Thank you!  
Hello parents,
I hope everyone's hearts are okay after those games yesterday.  I definitely feel as if I lost a few years off my life, that's for sure!  Our girls played with great heart and perseverance and words don't really express how proud they made us feel yesterday. That being said, we're now looking forward to what is next on the horizon. 
Indoor League: As we move forward over the next few weeks, we'll begin working on specific game scenarios that we'll need to clean up before we begin our indoor league.  We're hoping that Kerri has the time of our first indoor game [which will be Saturday, Feb 1st] at some point this week.  Leagues will usually post the remainder of the schedule after the first week of play so we won't know a specific indoor schedule until that Feb 1st date.  Games will be Saturday mornings [and there's the possibility of one evening slot being open for games as well]. 
Outdoor Tournaments:
We have a few options that the coaching staff has been discussing.  When looking at possible dates here are the factors that we took into consideration:
-cost: three tournaments obviously costs more than two.  Based on our fundraising this could possibly be more money out of pocket. 
-this team has done three tournaments the last two years.  Would parents be disappointed if we didn't do three or would they be relieved?
-July 4th is on a weekend this year which makes scheduling more difficult for a few tournaments we had initially considered
-trying to fill a possible 3rd tournament slot without the Spencerport/Hilton Canal Cup
-honoring the requests of the families that informed us about possible summer conflicts back in the fall.   
-the schedule of the coaching staff. 
Here are the options at this time - I'd like your specific feedback so please reply to this email with a first choice and a second choice
Tournaments we're considering:
Akron [out toward Buffalo-May 1-3] Akron is more of a drive but should have good competition that we usually don't play. 
GUFC [May 15-17] GUFC-we played in this tournament last year.  Usually has teams we're familiar with.
Chili [May 29-31] Chili is a tournament that usually has good competition
Hilton [June 5-7] This is the Hilton version of the Canal Cup that Spencerport has co-hosted in previous years
Option 1: Two tournaments only.  GUFC and Chili
Option 2: Two tournaments only.  Akron and Chili or Akron and GUFC.  Voting for this means you're open to more of an out of town tournament.  If this were to work out, there could be the possibility of an overnight stay at a hotel if enough families were interested/the schedule warranted an overnight stay; this would NOT be mandatory - just an option [driving back and forth is 100% feasible]
Option 3: Three tournaments.  Akron, GUFC, Chili [every other weekend in May]; see comment about Akron in option 2 above
Option 4: Three tournaments.  GUFC, Chili, HIlton [all local; Chili and Hilton are back to back weekends]
Thank you for your feedback. Please reply to this email with a first choice and a second choice. We'd like a decision to be made in the next 72 hours so we can register and get these dates on the calendar.  If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact Kerri or I in the next few days. 
Pat Dwyer

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Updated Tournament Information
by posted 01/10/2020

Good evening parents,

I have an updated schedule for Sunday that I will forward in a separate email.  The game times are the same however we are now playing Brockport, Rush-Henrietta and GUFC [in that order].  Game times remain the same at 8 am, 10:12 am and 11:40 am.  Please have the girls at Cosgrove by 7:40 am ready to go.  The tournament will begin promptly at 8 am with out first game.  Since we're playing as one team [and didn't split] there won't be quite as much playing time as usual since the games are so short.  We'll talk to the girls about this at practice on Saturday [we have 16 girls playing a 20 minute game!] I know the day will be hectic but if we could try to keep a somewhat healthy diet that would be great! 

Uniforms will be given out at practice tomorrow.  Please let me know if you are unavailable for practice and we can make separate arrangements for your uniform.  These are new uniforms for the club so I would urge everyone to be extra careful putting these through the first few washes. 

We did a great job with the tickets for the fundraiser - thank you for your help with this!  I'm looking foward to catching up with everyone who was able to fit this event in their busy schedule. 


Pat Dwyer




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Captains and more...
by posted 01/03/2020

Good morning parents,

I wanted to send a quick email since I know you haven't received enough SSC emails this week!  So here we go!  I hope everyone has had a great holiday and is off to a positive start in the New Year!  The Dwyers spent a lot of time with our friends and extended families - it is always amazing to see how much everyone's children grow from year to year [including our own!]


Upcoming dates: I bolded a few events below that aren't our normal Thursday/Saturday schedule.

Saturday @ TSE 1/4/20

Thursday Skills @ GR 1/9/20

Saturday @ TSE 1/11/20

Sunday 1/12/20 - Spencerport Indoor Tournament - Girls only on this date; U12 is 8am-2 pm

Tuesday @ Munn 8:15 pm 1/14/20

Thursday Skills @ GR 1/16/20

Friday 1/17/20 - SSC Fundraiser @ Ridgemont CC - tickets are $20


Indoor Tournament - We do NOT have a schedule for our division yet because the club was looking to add another team.  Based upon the number of teams in our division [6 or 8] we may split into two teams or stay as one unit.  I had initially requested that we be allowed to enter two teams [as was done last year].  


Volunteer sign up:  This email recently came out - please let one of us know if you didn't receive that email since slots do tend to fill up fast.


Club Fundraiser - Thank you to those that have already purchased tickets.  If you're still interested, please let me know or see a coach on Saturday.  I think this is a good chance for us as parents to get together and socialize without the kids [and I mean that in the most loving way possible!]  I think the chance to exhale for a few hours and just catch up is vastly understated [I know the past few weeks for us has been non-stop] For $20 you get apps, dessert and two drinks.


Indoor League - this will be beginning in February.  $60 per player.


Captains - We spoke to the team about choosing captains and we'll ask for player input on Saturday.  The girls were asked to provide 1-2 names; teammates who they feel represent the qualities of a captain to represent our team [either through their work ethic and play or someone who is a vocal leader]. If you could take a minute to discuss this with your daughter and ask them why they might choose a certain player[s] I would appreciate it.   I was pleasantly surprised by how much thought my own daughter put into this when I recently asked her about it. 


Super Bowl Squares - We'll do $20 per square but you'll notice that this time your numbers change every quarter so there is less chance of one person getting a "bad" set of numbers.  Please collect the money for each square you sell and pass it along to the coaching staff ( Venmo always works! @patrickdwyer9 )


We'll do the same as last year - there are two winners every quarter for matching numbers and reverse numbers.

Example if the score is NFC 17- AFC 24  the winning numbers are 7-4 and 4-7                                             

1st quarter: 2 winners at $50 each =   $100

Half Time: 2 winners at $100 each =   $200

3rd quarter: 2 winners at $50 each =   $100

Final Score: 2 Winners at $300 each= $600 


Below is the text you can copy and paste to your friends/family:


I recently set up an online NFL Squares Pool at RunYourPool named 'SUPER BOWL FEB 2020'. If you are interested in joining please contact me or use the following link to participate.  




If you need a password it is: soccer


Thanks so much for reading all the way to the end! 

Pat Dwyer


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